Tired of losing money on Crypto Pumps?

We've built a bot for Binance & KuCoin for Windows & Mac OS that enables you to make the most out of the pumps and take home safer profits.


Why pick Pump Sniper?

We've undertaken extensive research & development before building this bot to make sure it selects the best feature set across the board to return the best gains to you.

Go direct to Binance and KuCoin without the overhead of going through a PumpSniper server, cutting latency down substantially. You can put our Bot on a VPS in Tokyo for the best latency advantage.
Utilises OCO orders
Our bot uses OCO and limit orders instead of relying on the bot to sell at the right time, meaning you're less susceptible to large, fluctuating changes in price whilst other bots panic to sell at the right time.
Complete Safety
Using the Binance and KuCoin API's, you're able to restrict the API keys to your IP and only to convert trades, meaning you can rest assured your account is not at risk.
Support Team
We have a complete support team on hand, ready to assist you with any queries - no matter how silly. Just grab any of the people with roles in our Discord Server for help.

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